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The Magnum Opus 



Satan told me he will be giving me the formula to the Magnum Opus. The 
Magnum Opus is the highest working in Satanism, and the end result of all 
legitimate occult disciplines, the allegories and the legends of the Gods. 
The Magnum Opus is physical and spiritual perfection and immortality. 

The effects of the Magnum Opus are said to reverse aging- grey hairturns back 
to its natural color, lost teeth grow back in, ailments are cured and perfect health 
is restored. 

I strongly advise anyone who begins this working to be totally out of puberty. 

This section is under construction in that Satan and Azazel are working with me 
now and more information will be forthcoming. I will keep everyone up to date 
when more information is added. 

Demons who specialize in "metal-working" - all of this is spiritual and the metals 
are the chakras. Many Demons specialize with guidance in regards to the Magnum 
Opus. It helps to have a Demon/ess work with you. 

Obviously, the Magnum Opus is very advanced and anyone beginning this work 
should be totally familiar both in direct experience and knowledge with power 

This working is a process which will take time. The meditations given are 
exceptionally powerful and are not for newbies or the inexperienced. It has been 
quoted, that in the end, many will find the truth too late, in that xianity and its 
cohorts are a vicious hoax and a lie, but it will be too late forthem. This working 
takes time. 

There are certain preliminary meditations initiates must perform to prepare the 
soul forthe more advanced workings which will build upon these. They are given 

Upon deeper research, Satan gives his children the gift of immortality. Satan is 
the bringer and giver of knowledge, along with many Demon friends. Satan is the 
one and only True God and Creator of humanity. Xians talk the talk about 
perfection, immortality, everlasting life, etc, Everything of xianity is false. 

Satan shows us the truth and the way. 

HAIL SATAN ! ! ! ! 

/ place my affairs in the hands of those whom I have tried and who are in accord 
with my desires. 
- Satan 



The Magnum Opus 


Step One 
Step Two 
Step Three 

The Philosopher's Stone by Kai Purr 

© Copyright 2007, Joy of Satan Ministries; 
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457 



Magnum Opus 666 Step One 


Step One 

Step one and step two should be done together. It is imperative that you 
locate and activate your pineal gland, as this gland secretes the female 
aspect of the elixer of life. 

1. Clean your aura and chakras thoroughly. 

2. Do any breathing exercise of your choice that will get your witchpower 

3. When you can feel your witchpower, condense it into a ball of light and 
circulate it this way- take it to your sacral (2nd) chakra in the front, then to 
your perinium, your base chakra, your sacral chakra on your spine, work it 
on up through each chakra on your spine to the crown chakra. From there, 
drop it into the middle sixth chakra, behind the third eye and then down a bit 
to the right and onto the pineal gland. From there, to the third eye on the 
forhead and then to the front throat chakra and on down the front, back to 
the sacral chakra. For the Magnum Opus, the energy must return to and be 
stored in the sacral (2nd) chakra. 

This completes one circuit. 

To correctly perform this meditation, you should be intent, but relaxed in 
directing the condensed witchpower to each chakra. You should feel a 
pressure sensation (most common) or that the energy is right in the chakra. 
Most of the time, this begins as a slow process. You need to "feel" the 
energy, this is very important. Take your time with it. 

© Copyright 2007, Joy of Satan Ministries; 
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457 


Magnum Opus 666 Step 2 


Step Two 

For those of you who have begun their preliminary work on the Magnum Opus 
(circulating your ball of light), the next step is very important: 

You all need to locate your pineal gland. It is in the center of the brain and down 
to the right a bit below. Those of you who are working on this should begin 
meditating on your pineal gland. One excellent way to do this is by relaxing and 
breathing energy into it and expanding it on the exhale, like you would youraura. 

The pineal gland is where one major part of the elixer of life is secreted in what 
is called "dripping ambrosia." You will know when you have found it and activated 
it as the ambrosia is bliss and pleasure beyond words. You will definitely feel it. 
Don't do this if you must be somewhere and are time sensitive as the pleasure 
can be so extreme that getting up and about can be near impossible. 

There is much more to this, but what I have above is a major step. I will be 
writing more on this soon, as there is another step that must be worked on and 
mastered. At this point, those of you who are following along should do pineal 
meditation every day. This is important. The ambrosia of the pineal gland is the 
female part of the elixer. 

Here are some exercises you can adapt that will work on your pineal gland: 
3rd Eye, Pineal Breathing Meditation 

Another very effective exercise is to perform alternate nostril breathing (see 
technique #3), where you hold at the top of the inhale. To adapt this, just inhale 
into your pineal gland and expand it on the exhale. The breath follows wherever 
the attention is focused. 

Pineal void meditation: Just focus on your pineal gland. Center yourself in it, feel 
it, and if it secretes the elixer, meditate on the beautiful energy. This is very 

Pineal Meditation 

Meditation from Satan 

For the above, breathe the energy directly into your pineal gland instead of the 
6th chakra. 

© Copyright 2007, Joy of Satan Ministries; 
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457 


Step 3 


Step Three 

The next step is activating and fueling the sacral chakra, which produces the 
male aspect of the elixer. When it is fully operating, this chakra transforms 
the life-force/vitality into the male aspect of the elixer of life. This is 
accomplished through constant heat from the sacral chakra. 
Then, through a special process, the two elixirs are combined, but only after 
they are properly cleansed, which is another step I will add soon. The result 
is reversal of aging, all ailments go away and there is immortality and physical 
and spiritual perfection as the Gods. 

This meditation is NOT pleasant! Satan told me "There are some who are 
fanatics and take this to extremes." By this he meant abstinence and celibacy 
which he confirmed are VERY UNHEALTHY. 

It is important that you have full orgasms along with this meditation, BUT- 
THIS MEDITATION. In other words, don't do the two close together. Wait to 
have sexual intercourse/orgasm at least several hours after performing this 
meditation. Full orgasm is every bit as important and has other benefits. 

Here is the meditation: 

Stimulate yourself OR (for men) if you wake up in the morning with an 
erection, breathe the arousal into your second sexual/sacral chakra until it is 
completely gone- no erection. For women, you should no longer feel any 
arousal. This can take a few breaths. This is most effective when done 
during the am hours. 

What this does, it activates and fires up the sacral chakra, and condenses 
and stores the life-force which is essential to the working. If done correctly, 
you will begin to feel a heat/burning sensation in the second chakra. This is 
the "lower burner." The arousal is your life-force and is exceptionally 
powerful. This life-force/vitality is then condensed and stored in the second 
chakra instead of being dissipated through ejaculation/orgasm. The heat 
transforms it and it then turns into an elixir like the ambrosia from the pineal 

For those with less sex drive, using a vibrator can be a help in sexually 
arousing yourself. 

Partners can also work together in foreplay, and when almost to orgasm, 
breathe the energy back into the sacral chakra. 

© Copyright 2007, Joy of Satan Ministries; 
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457